For the last 3 years I worked at Green Team—a communications agency focused on an environmentally and socially responsible consumer—as a Senior Art Director. However, as is the case in a small agency, I was often found being a producer, photographer, copywriter, director, party planner, and blogger, it just depended on the particular project; and I liked it that way.

Recently, I left Green Team to start my own creative agency, based on a network of freelancers. In the very first months of opening, One Long House has already finished 3 projects, and working on 3 more. The early response to this new type of agency has been incredible so I can't wait to see how far we can take it.

For me, being a 'creative' means being able to use many tools. A 'craftsman' is someone who uses those tools well, and 'creativity', therefore, is when those tools are used in a new, or interesting, way. I hope to be all three.

Give me a project and I'm thrilled to see the entire thing through—from concept to construction—using any tool I can muster, whether that's a mouse, or a saw, or someone I met in a bar 8 years ago. I love working in teams and thankfully I have been able to keep a great network of creatives close to me.

To the left you will find a selection of the work I am most proud of, and I thank everyone who was involved.